Chill mode

Saturday night and an unusual outfit post. And an unusual Saturday night. Without any party. Still flashed of my last evening (certainly in a very positive way) and always remembering that I have to get up a little bit earlier, to pack and go to the airport tomorrow. So I finally landed on my couch. Writing.

I’m digressing. But coming to the point now. I’ve got a new outfit for you. Quite yellow. And in accordance with the fringed underground. Not to forget the perfect matching with my slippers. Also pay attention (or better not) to the grey socks destroying the wonderful pic.

But okay, crimes are allowed at home. So this was my outfit on one of last weeks’ chill Sunday after a hard night: Lakers retro jersey. Number 73. Dennis Rodman. Purple Lakers shorts. And the rest was already mentioned. By the way: normally I don’t wear color-coordinated outfits at home. Basic dress code: briefs. But don’t worry: I spare you with that. And my camera.