Interstella 5555

A band gets kidnapped to planet earth by a spaceship. Spaceman Shep, in love with bassist Stella, pursues them. Shep’s spaceship crashes. The band members become deformed in humans. Including memory exchange. They become very famous on earth too. Their new band name is Crescendolls. They are exhausted. But forced to perform by their producer and kidnapper. Finally Shep pops up. He can free all band members except Stella. A shot hits him.

This was part 1 to 7 of Interstella 5555. The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. An anime musical created by Daft Punk and consisting of 14 parts telling an exciting interstellar story. Behind this Japanese French co-production is Daft Punk’s album Discovery. Each track represents one part of the colorful prosecution story around Stella and Shep. Released in 2003 the project cost about 4 million dollars and was something never seen before in this business. The story certainly contains part 8 to 14 as well and now it’s your turn to find out if there’s a happy end for Shep and Stella.