To satisfy my daily need for camo style, I normally make use of accessories. Camouflage is timeless and timelessness is why Carhartt released its 313 Spring Sumer 2016 collection. 313 stands for the city area code of Detroit, Carhartt’s home base.

The selection consists of camouflaged t-shirts, cargo pants, different bags, sweatshirts, soft jackets and accessories. But today’s blog post is not about clothes. So there are bags and accessories left. Let’s choose wallets and we finally have the core of this post.

As introduction I’ve already mentioned the importance of camo accessories in relation to my style. And wallets are always a brilliant choice regarding accessories. Carhartt knows: Collins Neck Pouch, Small Bag with carabiner, Barnes Coin Wallet and Foster Wallet with ring for chain or key.