New blogpost, new project. Or experiment. I’ve got another outfit for you, but today without any collage. In favor: self-taken pics. A very special perspective, of course. But that’s the trial to put it on a higher individual level. Nevertheless I remain a phantom. So there won’t be any pictures of my face in future either. Be pleased.

A lovely person told me to try this new way of outfit posts. Many thanks again, now in written form. In written form too: my personal prayers to god to finally switch to summer mode. Bad weather was the reason, why I nearly broke up this first outfit shooting.

If you look closely, you’ll see the raindrops on my Shadows, my beloved Jordans. The ones with the highest mileage. But back- and underground are a sign for the dry little space I found. A grey space. As grey as my G-Star Elwood and my G-Shock. But the very best at last: my new Patriots jersey. A homage to my favorite NFL team. And to Julian Edelman. Go Pats!