Night walk

I use two forms of self-therapy: sleeping and walking. I have always been a passionate sleeper, but nightly walks through Vienna’s city is becoming more and more important for me. I walk for kilometers. I walk for hours. I need it. And I love it.

According to the motto “music on, world off” and “light off” in addition and relation to the day sky I am regularly on the move in the lights and shadows of the night. Mostly looking for some inspiration and creativity. Now and then I need to relax and recover from stressful life. Or sometimes my belly is just fully eaten.

Nighthawks, superheroes, lights, creatures, the Korb, shop displays, artworks, the cathedral, cops. So empty and so full. So dark and so colorful. Unavoidable encounters and impressions of my night-time rounds. The beat in my ears, the tiredness after a long day. All factors that beam me up into a state of meditation.