Peanut m&m’s

Long weekend is on the agenda, bad weather too. To sweeten my days off despite acute lack of sun, I need support. Support by? Actually I’ve already mentioned it. “Sweet” is the keyword. Colorful glazed and by chocolate wrapped peanuts.

But peanut m&m’s are not just emotional food on rainy days for me. No. They are even part of my staple foods. The daily challenge is great. At every gas station. At every supermarket. So much great. Too great. I can’t resist. Never.

And if I take a small pack or an XXL one, it doesn’t matter. Opened only once, empty immediately. I enjoy each red, blue, brown, green, yellow and orange piece. Share with somebody? Never ever! And if I feel sick after a huge pack, who cares, I had my culinary orgasm. Pure addiction.