Pimp my denim jacket

It has been years ago, when I decided to buy a Levi’s denim jacket in a factory outlet center. An impulse buy. A suitable cut and a moderate price made me buy it. I’ve never regretted my decision, but have just as often worn the jacket. So this purchase was no bad buy, but didn’t had any sense so far.

To change that and stop wasting useful space in my closet, I needed a creative idea, because sorting out my jacket would have been too bad. As well as wearing it has apparently been too boring. But the saving idea came from Gotham City. It must have been something like telepathy, when I was on expedition in one of these awesome comic shops.

My saviors in a yellow and black shimmer: Batman logo patches. And the best thing: the patches can be ironed on. The anti-sewer in me was celebrating. Thankfully. And what can we learn from my random result? At least I’m an ironing artist. I think my pimped denim jacket is presentable.