Batman: The Killing Joke

The Joker. A high explosive figure with a steadily grinning grimace. But which tragedy is behind this character? How did he achieved his humor? Many questions, but in March 1988 was „Batman: The Killing Joke“ by DC Comics released. Written by Alan Moore and Brian Bauland. With all answers to these questions.

But this story tells not only Joker’s history, it also deals with Batman’s background. As contrary their evolution seems to be, in relation to their bizarreness and mysticism this difference shrinks into insignificance.

But what I want to say is, that „Batman: The Killing Joke“ is going to be released as movie in US cinemas in July 2016. As animated action film. A very cool alternation, especially after this Batman vs. Superman fail and finally again a reason to be happy directly coming from Gotham City.