Be true to your school

Still in the shoe game. Today’s level: the Nike Dunk. And as we’ve already had in the case of my Nike Presto, there’s also a relation to my past. A red and white and rather wasted one. Shortly after millenium turn I bought my first pair. And they still exist to decorate my bedroom.

Formerly Nike dedicated the Dunk to all US college basketball teams and each of them got it in its unique team colors. Shortly the 2016 final four took place and in honor to that Nike released two of those former color ways. Red-white and blue-white. As mentioned the first one is still part of my rack. This is why I decided to buy the blue one too.

And I did that online at 43einhalb sneaker store. These guys always succeed in making me smile with each delivery. Just by adding a personal memo to say thank you. As someone who works in a job with direct customer contact, I can confirm how valuable and effective such a small gesture can be.