Extremely nice news out of legendary Gröpz. Our favorite Austrian musicians, the one and only Mizgebonez, have created an audiovisual masterpiece by releasing the music video to their track Menschen Plus Enten. Produced by DJ Paul Blaze.

And what you get to see is just one thing: duckfaces. Duckfaces everywhere. Duckfaces that are challenging each other by taking selfies. Check it out. And form your own opinion of all those selfie kings and queens out there. This is what it’s all about and what the Mizgebonez want you to do.

My personal view of all those self-staging guys of our social media generation is not a positive one. In my opinion this evolution and the dimension of this game are worrying and alarming. But back to the joyful side of life. Dear Mizgebonez, cool video and nice thought-provoking impulse. Looking forward to your tour dates.