Coach jacket

Good evening. It’s late. I’m tired. The lost hour by clock change to summer time is killing me. However. This is just one disadvantage in relation to many many benefits. Especially: spring is in! My joy is huge and is even getting much huger, because I can proudly present you this year’s second spring outfit here on my blog.

And my jacket addiction has the honor to kick off. It was too hard for me to resist my new G-Star Hedrove coach jacket. On the one hand, logically, caused by its desert camo style, but on the other hand it fitted perfectly. So I pulled out my credit card. And it glowed after adding a light grey G-Star Elwood into my shopping bag.

But only my glossy light blue Jordan 1 brings in the real spring feeling. Incredible eye catcher that makes me want nice weather. And if I finally have nice weather, adequate sunglasses will be needed. A New Wayfarer. A brown one. Suitable for my coach jacket. Beautiful.