Game over TUI

No more travel blogging. Finally. I’m feeling extremely free. Not least because now all of my self-doubts about my authenticity are eliminated. Basically not worthy of an own blog post. But I’m a person who completes things. So I complete this story as well.

My true followers certainly remember my publication last fall, where I proudly told you about my new travel blogger being for TUI on their travel blog. In October I published my first post there. All about the travel type in me.

TUI really liked my spelling style on besenstil and this was the reason why they asked me for writing for them too. The promise of full liberty in texting just on the condition of a context with traveling convinced me. But permanent briefings about additional value, correction inputs and judgements of „my“ articles made me sick.

The result: game over. After directing me again and again in how to write my second post I was so angry and stopped our cooperation. Thanks a lot. Not for a billion dollars. The idea of engaging successful local bloggers to pimp a website and generate followers is basically a good one. But don’t take their weapons.