Color portfolio

Basically I don’t follow each fashion trend, I don’t change my whole outfit every day, I don’t absorb each style, I’m not always top-suited and I’m not in favor of wearing every color. Fashion bloggers may hate me for this, but this is not genuine in my opinion and I think these guys don’t have their individual style.

As to self-definition in style questions for me colors have the same importance as clothes. And they should be limited to few shades. So your whole closet should totally consist of these certain colors.

I restrict my wardrobe to six colors. Mostly I wear black jeans, but also light blue ones or chinos in camel. My t-shirt inventory nearly includes only black and white tees. The black ones are worn in clubs, but I also have some grey shirts. Jackets just in black or olive green. Or a combination of that: camouflage. Shoes are not included in my color style code, because I enjoy wearing flashy kicks.