After work shit

Many people are stoked about those after work clubbings and always wanted me to join them next time. Due to the fact, that after work clubbings take only place on certain Thursdays, it took me a long time to realize this “to-do”. But in the meantime I’ve already visited three of them and can really claim: after work clubbings are shit.

But I’ve just one more question: why so much hype? Is it because of the exclusiveness of the locations, those classy hotel lobbies, the organizers want to transfer to their events? The snobby audience seems to adopt and enjoy that in any case.

And this superficial compulsive talk about your job and work. Just because this is called after work and just because everybody comes in his office outfit? In my opinion the daily job routine has nothing to do with making party and party has nothing to do with office and work. I don’t really have to understand everything, do I?