Alpha Industries

You can discuss about branded goods. But as to high quality work and style, I’m more than confident. Not basically, but definitely about my favourite brands. And these will be part of a small series on my blog, where I will introduce them to you little by little. Start: now. Alpha Industries has the honor.

The label from Knoxville, Tennessee, started in 1959 with designing and manufacturing the legendary MA-1 bomber jacket. Alpha Industries’ quality work convinced the US Air Force and the MA-1 became a fix part of the dress code of each jet pilot. Until 1977 even directly in cockpits.

To get closer to my absolute dream job, I’m a passionate wearer of flight jackets and meanwhile I only wear those by Alpha Industries. I already own three beauties: olive green, totally black and black with a gold zip.

Just another point to clarify: why are bomber jackets orange inside? Very simple: stranded pilots turned their jackets to become more visible for rescue teams. Another school lesson done.