Good old times. Put on my baggy pants, walkman on and off to school. I was extremely cool. One moment, walkman, you know that? Certainly the older generation knows what I’m talking about. Writing about. But the younger guys among you? I’m not sure.

Clarification: walkmen were devices to listen to tape cassettes on the way. And cassettes? They existed before CDs, those shiny discs.

Tapes are getting more and more popular currently and Marshall Mathers didn’t escape that. 17 years after releasing he brings back his first album The Slim Shady LP. As a cassette tape. By the way, this record brought Eminem his first grammy and made him to a superstar.

So the vintage hype has also reached the world of sound records. In the middle of the digital age. That’s dope and I really hope Shady’s tape will find the way to Europe. If so, definitely one of my next purchases.

(pic: shadyrecords.com)

(pic: shadyrecords.com)