Army shop top 5 clothes

Hi guys, here are my five favourite clothing pieces I directly buy in army shops. There’s a deep relationship between those military shops and me. Don’t ask me why, I can’t explain it. But I enjoy.

You don’t get more genuine camo stuff at any other place and nothing spices up your outfits better than camouflage design. Always hip, for me a kind of all-time burner. Military style has absolutely captured world’s runways.

But let’s move over to my headliners: my Altama desert boots from Jotex in Lerchenfelder street. My camo shirt from The Merchant in Schleifgasse. My summerly boonie hat, also from there, just as my cargo shorts in the same desert camo style. And finally my Alpha Industries bomber jacket. You get it in Zieglergasse 1.

But take care: understatement. Always. In clear: just wear one piece at most. Otherwise it may turn ridiculous.