Home Sweet Homepage

Streets aren’t always as cool as represented in digital age’s social media channels. Scary numbers indicate this fact and only Vienna already exhibits more than 10000 homeless people. An alarming number for the city with world’s highest quality of life.

So on the one hand we should be thankful for our high living standard, but on the other hand we should also be up to giving. And this has never been easier: Vienna’s neunerhaus, an institution to support homeless people, launched a web-based initiative that enables donation without any expenses for you.

Your “effort”: install homesweethomepage.at as home page of your web browser. The concept behind: generating clicks to create an attractive advertising plattform. The higher the number of page views, the higher the advertising revenue for neunerhaus. And this will totally and sustainably be used for new homes and support people who didn’t have the luck we had in our live. Thank you.